Women in Comedy part III, coming soon!

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Hey everyone!  I didn’t realize I’d get so many positive (and some negative) responses to my two pieces about women and comedy.  I’m glad you guys have enjoyed them, I still hold those beliefs today.

I’ve been busy for a while and haven’t had a chance to write on women/comedy.  I’ll be cracking down on that soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you again for supporting women in comedy!


Notes from a flyer

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I friggin flew through the air today!  I convinced Rich (mind you, he’s 6’5) to take a 3 1/2 hour aerials workshop with me.  SO much fun!

We did Judo throws, Judo throws with a bump, shoulder throws, backflips, lindy throws and Rich even did a backflip!  Our spotter had a good time laughing at how low Rich had to bend down to scoop me up to throw me.  And because of the foot and a half height difference, I sailed through the air without fear of him dropping me (mainly because I had enough time to think about my landing before it actually happened).

Can’t wait to bust those moves out in a bar! 🙂  Pictures coming soon

I came, I lindy-ed, I passed out

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Whew! Washington DC was the place to be last weekend (if you’re into lindy hopping. If not…you’re boring.) It was amazing, I was in lindy hop heaven. There were SO many great dancers there and I was lucky enough to dance with many of them.

The entire weekend was so organized, it was amazingly fun. I took the bus in Friday and met with my aunt who was in DC for the weekend. Saturday morning, I attending the Fast Dancing class with Todd and Kelly (two world class lindy hoppers who have many awards to their names). Great workshop! For once, there were so many leaders that they had to rotate instead of the followers.  I also went to the ladies jazz routine with Naomi, another amazing swing teacher.  The workshops were so much fun, I learned quite a bit and even ran into my friend Lisa!

I left in the afternoon to meet up with my aunt to tour around DC (I forgot we were in the nation’s capital…I just wanted to dance.)  The coolest thing there (besides the lindy hop event) was the International Spy Museum…and of course, the numerous national monuments scattered about DC. That evening, they held an open dance with competitions interspersed. The most amazing to watch – the Lindy Hop Showcase.  Couples’ routines can have as many aerials as they want, meaning people were flying left and right! I taught my aunt the basics, but after one dance, she decided to stand in the back row and watch.  I think I received a late birthday present – dancing with leads who actually knew how to lead properly.


Today (9/13) I’m attending an aerials class!  I convinced Rich, THE tallest guy around (he’s 6’5), to come with me and throw me around for 3 hours.  Hopefully, I’ll get some good pictures!


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Thanks for commenting on my blog…mom.

I’ll put up a new post as soon as I get back from the International Lindy Hop Championships in Washington DC!  Whoo-hoo!

(Mom, thank you for being my super cool fan.  Wow, that was actually a little sad.  Love you mommy!)

“The Pussification of America”

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I came across this amazing article yesterday and had to post a link to it.  Numerous times, I myself have bitched and complained about this and it’s nice to know that I’m not alone.  Snaps to this dude for one bad ass article.

The Pussification of America

Nerd Love

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While browsing the internet, I came across an article about a NYU student who grew tired of “coming home to an empty bed.” His solution? He created a virtual girlfriend. She’s a two dimensional image that lays next to him in bed. When he rolls onto his side, she ‘spoons’ him. When he kisses her on the cheek, she turns onto her stomach. Cool? Yes. A little bit sad? I’d have to say yes to that as well.

This time and effort he put into creating this virtual girlfriend (who does not remove any of her clothes while in bed) could have been used to get a real girlfriend (who may actually remove her clothes). Not only that, but this kid goes to NYU. New York University has about a 40:60 boy to girl ratio, with 25% of the male population being gay. This gives NYU guys an advantage, 30 straight men to 60 girls. The numbers work in his favor! Factor into this that many of the NYU girls will lower their standards to be with somebody – I’ve had to sit one or two of my girlfriends down and ask them what the hell they were doing. Some, not all, girls are desperate to be in a relationship…ANY relationship. So why didn’t this kid go out and interact with real people, not just the SIMS characters on his Mac?

It all comes down to confidence. For the male population of nerds, many of them don’t have confidence. They have the intelligence but lack the social skills. And rather than go out there and socialize with people, they stick with what they know…at least, until they are forced to be social and develop those skills.

Yet there ARE girl nerds out there – I should know, I’m one of them. Girls who like to play video games (guilty…GTA IV, Guitar Hero, Super Smash Bros, Zelda, LOTR The Two Towers), spend weekends studying at the library, read comic books, write computer programs, wore braces in high school, plays Dungeons & Dragons, has watched Star Wars over 300 times…THEY DO EXSIST! While boy nerds deal with their unsociable characteristics in their own manner, girl nerds are different. Speaking from past experience as a girl nerd, I was happy being who I was with my small group of nerdy friends. I was content – I never thought about pursuing a boy to be in a relationship with. Part of that contentment came from the fact that I knew I was a nerd – what boy would want to date that? From the very start of high school, I was sure of three things; 1) I was a nerd. 2) No one would date me. 3) High school was just a necessary step towards something so much better – college.

Thank goodness time has gone by. I still am a nerd, but I quit being so anti-social. I gained confidence and have stopped telling myself that I would die alone, surrounded by my cats. While I’m one of the lucky nerds to have gained social skills, there are still so many boy and girl nerds out there. If they aren’t willing to take the steps towards being social, is there a solution to bring the two together? A social method of bringing the anti-social together? In the words of John Lennon – All you need is love. And a player two controller.

*Here’s the link!

Article – NYU Student Creates ‘Virtual Girlfriend’

Two Kinds of People

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There are two kinds of people:  those who only see the end goal and those who see the end goal and then find the steps in between to reach it.  The first type are the dreamers – the ones who tell you about how they’d like to travel to Europe one day.  The latter are the doers – the people who tell you that they want to travel to Europe and have begun saving money and vacation time from their job to do this trip in several months.  They’ve also researched affordable places to stay, methods of travel and already know the cheapest time to buy airline tickets.  There really no is middle ground, you either see only the dream or you not only see the dream, but also the way in which to get there. 

One type has a very difficult time understanding the other, which can be frustrating depending upon what side of the scale you’re on.  It’s incredibly difficult to put yourself into the other person’s shoes, especially when your thinking method is entirely different.  From the doer’s perspective – How can he/she only talk about what they want?  Why is it so difficult for them to take the steps towards doing what they want?  If they want it so much, why not find a way to make it happen?  From the dreamer’s perspective – How does he/she do it?   Aren’t they risking a lot?  Aren’t they afraid? 

This post is coming from a recent personal experience.  I admit, I am a doer.  That is how I’ve gotten to where I am today – I saw where I wanted to be and found a way to get there.  A majority of my new-found college friends are like this as well – they are doers.  We understand each other.  If someone says they want to make a movie, I already expect to see a finished product in about 5 months.  However, I do know a few people who are the dreamer type…and I have a hard time talking to them.  I struggle to understand why they are unable to take the next step – why they can’t get past the dreaming stage. “You know what you want!  Just go for it!  Find a way to make it happen!”  A few days ago, I was talking to a dreamer friend.  While he/she has recently figured out what they want to do as a career, he/she has failed to look beyond that.  He/she knows the profession and where it could take him/her…but has not looked at realistic ways to improve this specific skill and propel him/herself into this area.  He/she knows where they want to end up – the end-goal is known.  But getting there?  Hasn’t been seriously thought about.  I was ready to slam my fist into the wall.  “THINGS ARE NOT IMPOSSIBLE!” I wanted to scream into my tiny cell phone.  If you’ve found something that you want and desire it bad enough, why doesn’t one go after it?

It’s easy enough for doers to take the next step, their thinking process goes from “OK, I know what I want.” to “What do I need to do to get there?”  Speaking from a doer’s perspective, I can’t help thinking that way.  You’re not losing sight of what you want, but taking the baby steps to get there.  Whatever it is that you’re doing at the moment, even though it’s not that dream, is leading up to that ultimate goal.  Is that where the misunderstanding begins?  Do dreamers think that they have to be doing their end-goal immediately, or else they are unable to do it at all?